At a glance

AALM is a Product Supplier and Service Provider supporting the Australian trucking industry with a massive range of high-quality aftermarket parts and products and specialist analysis services to identify and solve engine problems for individual vehicles.


AALM delivers:

High-quality aftermarket truck, trailer and bus parts

  • European truck and trailer parts (AALM has specialised in supplying these products from globally trusted manufacturer Sampa for years)

  • Japanese truck and bus parts (a recent AALM specialisation)

  • American trailer parts (also from the Sampa range)

  • Other (Just because it’s not listed here doesn’t mean we can’t source it for you. If you’re not sure, ask us!)

Oil & Fuel Additives

We supply a range of both oil and fuel additives from the respectable brands Aderco and Techenomics.


We stock world-leader Mammoth’s Australian brand of Adblue – Ecoblue.

Oil Analysis and Reports

AALM partners with Techenomics to offer personalised scientific analysis of your vehicle’s engine oil. The following report presents tailored recommendations for an ongoing maintenance program, including the best greases and additives for improving your vehicle’s long-term performance and durability. As a supplier, AALM can also provide these recommended products.

Cubis Pits & Lids

Electrical and Communications pits & lids used by Telstra and the Australian Defence Forces.


A complete solution

Our dedication to quality, personalised service, evidence-based analysis and providing complete ongoing maintenance solutions means that:

  • You know that the parts and products you buy from us are of exceptional quality (for your peace of mind)

  • With our network of partnerships, you can count on us to almost always have the right part for you or a way to source it for you (for a simple shopping experience)

  • You give us the type, model and VIN number of your vehicle, and we give you the correctly matched part (to avoid confusion and wrong purchases)

  • We can tell you what’s going on in your engine and give recommendations for extending its life-span (for improving your bottom line)

  • You can come to us for a broad range of trucking needs (for a one-stop, efficient shop)


How to get started?

Get in touch with us any way you like – you can use our enquiry form or call us directly on 1300 11 2256(AALM). As mentioned above, tell us what you’re after and your vehicle details (type, model, VIN number), and let us take it from there.

Not sure if we’ve got what you’re after? Ask us. We’re friendly and we’d love to help.

Darwin Port - Import and Export

Darwin Port

Large-scale project capability

AALM can provide procurement and logistics services based on proven experience in the Oil & Gas industry.

For details of this service, contact AALM Director and materials expert, Douglas Reid, on 0412 165 012.

Alternatively, you can send Douglas a message using the form below: