Spirit of Darwin benefits from oil analysis report

The Spirit of Darwin came to AALM for engine performance solutions recommended by an oil analysis report backed up by technical support.

Excellent Result was achieved by a correct Techenomics Oil Analysis report, combined with SHELL Technical Team to identify the correct Oil with Shell Rotella DD+ 40 and during the investigation on engine operational practice, it was recommended that the ADERCO V25 Fuel Additive will be of benefit to engine operations.  The Engine performance and power was achieved by the individual Suppliers team coordinated by AALM to achieve a positive commercial cost saving result on fuel economy, Oil change schedules, increase in Power and high performance engine.  Well Done to Darren and the team at Spirit of Darwin excellent choices.

If you want to find out how your engine is performing and how you can optimise it through use of correct oils and additives, a Techenomics Oil Analysis report can provide:


  1. A detailed technical investigation and report on your engine
  2. An accurate identification of the correct fuel additives for your engine
  3. An accurate identification of the correct oil for your engine

Darren with recommended products from AALM following his oil analysis report           Rotella DD+40 and V25 fuel additives as recommended by the oil analysis report         The Spirit of Darwin sailing away into the sunset