Renewable Energy

AALM AustralAsia Logistics & Management have been appointed, as the Australian Importer and Distributor of Agamine Solar Street Light to offer a service to the Renewable Energy Industry.

The Agamine Solar Street Lights are DESIGNED with Optional Camera, latest LED technology, Photovoltaic Element Glass tube fused with Solar Cells, Steel Pole hot dipped galvanized, Integrated Smart Energy Controller for light profiles and brightness, as well as integrated Batteries. The design of the solar streetlights is their unique and aesthetically appealing design.

Agamine Solar Street Lights, are a stand-alone solar streetlight equipped with advanced LED and photovoltaic technology. The smart energy street lighting control solution offers self-learning energy management that allow for maximum autonomous operation and light optimization and customized
light profiles. Agamine solar street lighting systems are highly efficient, require very low maintenance, offer a long life and help improve the environment.
Optional Surveillance Camera is offered on all types and models of the Agamine range. The integrated 192deg Fisheye IP camera for wide area surveillance are mounted in the lamp head.

Energy management is not matured in the beginning of the Street Light’s lifetime. During operation the Street Light are “learning” the specific conditions of the individual location, such as the behaviour of the sun, GPS position, temperature and how the batteries are operating.

Dependent on the individual position and the angle of the sun to the solar module, the energy production will vary. Normally the Agamine Street Solar Lights should have the maximum energy output during morning and evening hours when the sun hits the Agamine solar module under an optimal angle.
Even during cloudy weather situations there is some energy production of up to 150 Wh on rainy days. When the light profile exceeds the available energy because of excessive energy consumption, low energy generation on rainy conditions, the Smart Energy Control will automatically adjust
downwards to prevent damage to the battery.

Every Agamine Solar Street Light will store statistical data on energy management which can be uploaded onto a computer once the Light is connected to Agamine SolarTec Software.

The Agamine Solar Street Lights communication systems are updating, monitoring and maintenance that is constantly improving the light operations. This is controlled by a remote control 5G/4G/3G/GPS/WiFi and/or SolarTec Software, supported by a high-level security and encryption.

PV Module:
The unique vertical and cylindrical power tube PV Module allows for a multi-directional energy yield of 360deg that picks up direct and indirect sunlight and is self-cleaning and does not require cleaning as frequently as panel type of solar streetlights. The special high-grade glass is an IK09 protection type of glass. If the surface does require cleaning, it is carried out by using warm soapy water and a soft cloth. This will ensure the Street Light has optimal lighting performance. Otherwise the illuminance will be automatically adjusted according to the available energy.

LED Unit:
The LED Lights are a high-performance double chip LEDs that allow optimal control of light. Their features include a lens System focus light output, 150 Lumen / Watt at 4,125 K, brightness control that is 100% dimmable and long life expectancy of plus 100,000 hours. Do not disassemble the LED unit unless necessary. Do not touch the LEDs at any time. Use a soft lint-free cloth dampened with water to clean lens. Do not use solvents to clean. Allow to dry completely before reenergizing.

A decrease in illumination can be caused by reduced charging ability of the batteries. Please check the Energy Reports using the Agamine SolarTec Software if the batteries need to be replaced. Individual light profiles and environmental conditions can affect the battery life.


The Agamine model types include: