Nano Oil Additive (WS2) distributed by Techenomics Australia

AALM stocks one oil additive – NanoLub Oil Additive (WS2) – through Techenomics Australia Pty Ltd.

Techenomics Australia are the exclusive distributor of the tungsten disulphide (WS2) Oil Additive throughout Australia, with AALM appointed as reseller.

This additive technology complements industry-leading fluid management services and helps maximize the life and performance of lubricants.


Oil Analysis Reports – which additives are right for you?

AALM promote Techenomics Australia’s Oil Analysis Reports for establishing correct data on the performance levels and problems to do with a particular vehicle’s engine. The Techenomics Technical Advisory uses this information as a basis for identifying the additives and treatments most suited to improving that engine’s performance and durability. By following these recommendations, customers can reduce their overall servicing budget.

AALM confidently promote NanoLub Oil Additive (WS2). For further information about this product, feel free to call AALM staff on 1300 11 2256(AALM). You can also browse for oil additives through our online product listing or read more about AALM’s relationship with Techenomics.

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    NanoLub Oil Additive (WS2)