IUCAI-AALM Door & Window on track towards launching date in 2018

IUCAI-AALM Door & Window are currently progressing through the audit process to ensure the aluminium door and windows being produced are completely compliant with Australian Standards AS 2047-2014 (Windows and external glazed doors in buildings).

AALM affiliation with IUCAI Door & Window

AALM has been in association with Chinese based manufacturing company IUCAI Door & Window since 2016, resulting in the formation of the IUCAI-AALM Door & Window company name. AALM is the exclusive distributor and importer of IUCAI-AALM Door & Window products throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Customers buying from this range can expect a seamless service and dedication to quality that fully meets Australian standards.

IUCAI-AALM Door & Window        IUCAI-AALM Door & Window         IUCAI-AALM Door & Window         IUCAI-AALM Door & Window

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