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AALM is an Aderco reseller and confident that Aderco’s fuel treatment products provide vehicles with better efficiency, smoother operations and fewer emissions.

Aderco’s V25 & V35 fuel additives are available from AALM’s three warehouse locations in Northern Territory and South Australia as well as by AALM’s courier delivery service.

Aderco are now well established in Australia.


V25 & V35 Fuel Additive Double Action

The first action of these fuel additives performs as a combustion improver which enhances engine performance and fuel efficiency.

The second action as a lubricity improver which minimises the wear of fuel-lubricated components.


Fuel Conditioner (semi-technical description)

As a powerful surfactant the hydrocarbon molecules will be optimally dispersed and will break down any agglomerations that impair fuel combustion, which would otherwise lead to engine damage. It also functions as a de-emulsifier that prevents water build-up with optimum fuel atomization which produces a cleaner combustion. The benefits will be seen in a smoother-running engine, better fuel economy and lower noxious gas and particulate matter (PM) emissions.


Lubricity Improver (semi-technical description)

The lower sulphur diesels sold here in Australia are good for health and environmental benefits, however during the hydrotreating process to remove sulphur from diesel fuels, there’s also a reduction in the polyaromatics and nitrogen/oxygen compounds that ensure lubricity. The V25 & V35 fuel additives provide a protective film on the fuel injection system components that depend entirely on fuel lubricity. The benefits are in minimised wear, extending service intervals and reducing maintenance costs by restoring the lost lubricity of low / ultra-low sulphur fuels to safer levels.


Increased efficiency and sustainability

Aderco’s V25 and V35 fuel additives have the following qualities:

  • 100% plant extract derived, 100% ashless, 100% metal-free

  • Non-hazardous & non-restricted for transport, including by air (flask-point > 140C)

  • Self-dispersant – no dosage or mixing equipment required

  • Only physical action on the fuel, no risk of a chemical reaction and therefore no change to fuel specifications

  • Excellent compatibility to all types of fuels

  • Low costs per litre of fuel treated

  • Excellent for low-sulphur diesel fuels (which are used here in Australia)

  • Protects against costly damage from poor lubricity

  • Reduces maintenance and downtime costs

  • Reduces noxious gas, particulate matter emissions and smoke opacity

  • Significantly improves fuel efficiency


AALM are proud to represent this quality fuel additive and are ready to answer your questions about it. For information from our knowledgeable and helpful staff, call us now on 1300 11 2256(AALM).

V25 & V35 fuel additive product distributed by ADERCO        V25 & V35 fuel additive product distributed by ADERCO

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