Techenomics Australia Oil Analysis Reports identify Extended Oil Drain Intervals

Extended Oil Drain Intervals (EODI) through correct Oil Analysis Labortory testing 

Correct Change Oil Intervals

Servicing the OIL ANALYSIS requirements here in Northern Territory and South Australia.
Techenomics Australia Pty Ltd

AALM offer Techenomics Australia Oil Analysis reports (O.A.Reports), fluid management and condition monitoring services through their Laboratory in Sydney as a complete service to your engines to establish how the engine is actually performing. Combine the correct Service Change period with a professional O.A.Reports and the customer will benefit from the results and reduce your overall budget and repairs.

AALM provide solutions and evaluations matching the correct SHELL product to the engine through the SHELL technical team together with Techenomics Australia O.A.Report with information when considering Extended Oil Drain Intervals (EODI) through correct O.A.Reports from the Labortory testing that establish the trend and benifit for the customer to make an informed decision when to Drop the Oil.

Techenomics Logo caption - Lubrication Solutions for Extended Oil Drain Intervals                             Soot Samples being Oil Analysis at the Labortory testing by Techenomics staff